Guess its time for a brand new start to cray hats gutscheincode a new Beginning, following in fitvia rabattcode 2018 her Grandpa's footsteps and dropping everything to move to a new area and try again at life while also doing something new, becoming a Farmer.
He will ask you to meet him on the beach.
For such a reason, we suggest choosing carefully, especially when choosing birthday gifts.
He has settled down on the Beach and works at his fishing shop, which sells bait and other fishing supplies.Before and after the shop opens or closes, Willy can often be found fishing around the Beach, although during Winter müller rabatt coupons 10 he hangs out at the Saloon.On Spring 9th, Willy visits.But sadly, not all dreams are meant to come true, so when becoming a Magician failed, she turned to JoJa for a job, something to pay the bills and to keep a roof over her head.Milk, dislikes, special Events, willy has 4 available special events triggered by various actions at certain heart levels.He also likes such gifts as Lingcod, Gold Bar, Chowder, Tiger Trout, Quartz, Crispy Bass, Fried Calamari, Fish Stew, Baked Fish, Trout Soup, Fried Eel, Crab Cakes, Carp Surprise, Fish Taco, Salmon Dinner, and Lobster Bisque.Willy would really love such items as Sturgeon, Octopus, Catfish, Pumpkin, Diamond, Mead, Sea Cucumber, and Iridium Bar.Whenever Willy (the fishing shop owner) opens up, hes rarely ever there, the hours he spends in the shop seem sporadic, despite being open 9-5.He is a man who lives on the Beach.Loves, likes, neutral, all, eggs, all Fish (except.As well as other villagers, Willy may leave random requests at the Help Wanted board.
Haven't been able to find anything to suggest a static schedule for when hes in the shop.
On Saturdays, Willys shop is closed, so he spends all day fishing either at the river near Leahs cottage or in Pelican Town.

It also increases your energy by 225 points and your health by 101 points.Willy also hates items that are hated by most villagers.Carp, Catfish, Lingcod, Octopus, Sea Cucumber, Snail, Sturgeon, Tiger Trout all Fruit (except, salmonberry and Fruit Tree fruit all.We suggest not giving him Life Elixir, Common Mushroom, Leek, Winter Root, Chanterelle, Salmonberry, Dandelion, Purple Mushroom, Daffodil, Snow Yam, Hazelnut, Morel, Wild Horseradish, and Holly.It also gives you 1 fishing buff which lasts 16 minutes and 47 seconds; Escargot another dish which has the same effect on your health and energy, and also gives you 2 fishing buff which lasts 16 minutes and 47 seconds; Fish Stew.At 5:00 PM, Willy goes to the Saloon to drink beer.During your second year in Stardew Valley, on Winter 13th, Willy will send you another letter, asking you to catch a Lingcod.Willys birthday is Summer 24th, so find something good for him!Here you can find a list of event triggers along with any other requirements.If you want to become friends with them we suggest reading our articles so you could choose right gifts for them and find them anytime you want.