Note 17 Christina had named Azzolino her sole heir to make sure her debts were settled, but he was too ill and worn out even to join her funeral, and died in June the same year.
103 In her basement zoo eberswalde rabatt there was a laboratory, where she, Giuseppe Francesco Borri and Azzolino experimented with alchemy.29 To catalogue her new collection she asked Isaac Vossius to come to Sweden and Heinsius to purchase more books on the market.61) Peter Englund: Sølvmasken (p.She continued to regard herself as queen regnant all her life.It is an unromantic likeness, for she is given a double chin and a prominent nose with flaring nostrils.Note hellweg gutscheincode 2018 13 On her way back Christina visited the beautiful and atheistic Ninon de l'Enclos in the convent at Lagny-sur-Marne.96 97 For two months she had suspected Monaldeschi of disloyalty; she secretly seized his correspondence, which revealed that he had betrayed her interests.Matthiae was strongly opposed to this and was again backed by Christina.
68 Living in Rome, she formed a close relationship with Cardinal Azzolino, which was controversial but symbolic of her attraction to relationships which were not typical for a woman of her era and station.

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Extraordinary women in support of music.

72 In 1653, she ordered Vossius (and Heinsius) to make a list of about 6,000 books and manuscripts to be packed and shipped to Antwerp.
133 According to Christina's autobiography, the midwives at her birth first believed her to be a boy because she was "completely hairy and had a coarse and strong voice".