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Single award document Silber WH (Heer) Inf.
This nice EK award-document was IMO once glued in a scrapbook and shows four minimal and non-disturbing glue-traces on the back.
431 of the.Div.
EK II dated and also handsigned by Reinhardt but this time as a Generalleutnant!Kick must have seen some action but surprisingly enough there are no award-entries which could indicate a glued in page might have got lost over the years.It seems that Gensler finally served around Potsdam and was taken POW."Wir glauben an den Sieg" - Briefe aus dem Kriege "Wir glauben an den Sieg" - Briefe aus dem Kriege Small "letters of the war" booklet with a positive view on war by soldiers of the front.1) "Feldmäsiger" (field made) BWB award document which is dated and has been signed by "Hauptmann" and batallion commander?Soldbuch/Wehrpass/citation grouping - Herbort Soldbuch/Wehrpass/citation grouping of "Feldwebel" Joseph Herbort who served within several different Luftwaffe Bau units.Award document grouping WH (Heer) -.Div.- ubup gutschein für bestandskunden Milbrodt Award document grouping of "Unteroffizier" Willy Milbrodt who served within Gren.Flak Abt.717 - Clausing Neat 3 pieced award-document set which belonged to Hermann Clausing who served with the: "le.Die anschließenden Ausbildungs- und Erprobungsfahrten verzögerten sich bei "Z 26 wegen starker Vereisung der Ostsee.Deathcard father and son- Italy-Arnhem Deathcard of father and son Feichtenschlager.Der Weydt was serving with.485 (Landesschützen Btl) as a railroad guard under command of the "Militärbefehlshaber in Belgien und in Frankreich" It bears a facsimile signature of General der Infanterie Alexander von Falkenhausen.The book contains 16 photos.
1) Wehrpaß of Lichtner who was awarded the EK II and the "Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen" for his efforts during the fightings in Russia.

It comes with the BWB award document.Kesslring was awarded the "Diamonds" of the.Nevertheless he will have seen some action around Tarnopol, Lemberg,Boedapest.Heavy worn cover which is loose to rest!4) "Führerschein" (driverslicense) 5) 2 pictures of Kall and a comrade.Guderian had pioneered motorized tactics in the pre-war army, while keeping himself well-informed about tank development in other armies.He was awarded the.K.II and the Bronze.Waffen SS - pictures.
Soldbuch Luftwaffe Flak-Kaiser Well used and filled in Soldbuch of Friedrich Kaiser who served with several Flak related units.

Around that time Vollenberg served as a "Sanitäter" (medical orderly) with a unit named: ".11".