gutschein dahlmann

Wehrpaß - WH (Heer / Luftwaffe) - "Dolmetscher" (interpreter) - Werner Wehrpaß of "Gefreiten" Erich Werner who served within several different units beforehe was transferred to mydays 2 gutscheine einlösen a "Dolmetscher Komp (interpreter unit).
Div.which became later the 101.Jäger Div.
The document has been signed by "Generalleutnant" and divisional commander Carl Becker (RK,EL14-4-1945).
The document is signed by Major und Regiments-Führer Hans Bischoff (RK ) This document was issued during the fierce fightings in the "Kurland" battle-pocket.The man is wearing a unusual clothing.Frontarbeiter (front worker) Unfortunatly this frontworker is anonymous while page 1 and 2 and the back are missing.It will not sound surprisingly that this is one of the very last issues of this magazine by editor Storm.This reconnaissance unit was part of the.Div.Lomberg Award document grouping of "Unteroffizier" Lomberg who served within Stab Armeeoberkommando.Note these pages were first used by the "Nederlandsche SS / Germaansche SS" and after it was being renamed in Germaansche SS it was adjusted as seen on pics.Rgt.303 of the.Div.The document is signed by "Der Komandierende General und Befehlshaber im Lufgau VI" General der Flakartillerie August Schmidt (signature stamp) Single award document Luftwaffe Flak -.Flakdiv.Note:Document has been glued on cardboard,not cut.Unusual KM award entry Soldbuch!Gree) Award-document "Ehrenkreuzes der Deutschen Mutter" zweite Stufe (2nd degree in silver).Spors Soldbuch of "Obergefreiter" Fritz Spors who served mainly within Inf.In 1943 he was transferred to Germany in order to defend his home-country and shot 25 times on enemy-planes.Eisermann Award document grouping of "Obergefreiten" Albert Eisermann who served within Gren.Afrika style M43 cap tropical KM picture.
This curious Wehrpass shows some interesting entries like "Sturmgewehr 44 "Sprengboot-Lehrgang" and the "Sägefisch"-award!
Zg./Brückenbau-Batl.4 Signed by: General der Infanterie Hans von Salmuth and Oberbefehlshaber der mee Additional information: Interesting KvK award-document from the Luftflotte Hauptquartier.

Later he served within Werftabteilung(v)1041 XII.Kdr" Paul Gurran (RK ) "urmabzeichen"in Silber award gned by the batalion commander."Marschbefehl"-Einsatzstabes nsdap Hoevelaken "Marschbefehl" (mobilisation order) of the "Einsatzstabes nsdap Hoevelaken" hm gutschein 10 euro Unused example.Interesting Wehrpass having an extensive "Gefechtskalender" (one of the most detailed ones I have seen!) and rarely seen "Kraftfahrbewährungsabzeichen in Gold"-entry!This is a "Zweitschrift" issue due to the los of his first issue.Rgt.131 of the.Div.Marschner götz schuhe gutschein was promoted to "Obergefreiter" and served with several other Flak units.The document has been signed by the commander "Kapitän zur See" Werner Löwisch.
A neat and actually hard to find item!
Period booklet " Kriegsbücherei der deutschen Jugend-Heft 55"-"Verdun".55 of the wellknown series Kriegsbücherei der deutschen Jugend" 32 pages of wartime heroism!