Submarines of the Russian and Soviet Navies.
2 Service history edit SMS Lübeck before 1908.Augsburg and Albatross were intercepted by a powerful Russian squadron commanded by Rear Admiral Bakhirev, consisting of three armored and two light cruisers.World War I in August 1914, she was transferred to the.192193 Polmar Noot,.9 The bombardment went as planned, though the destroyer V107 struck a mine in Libau's harbor, which blew off her bow and destroyed the ship.Again, Lübeck managed to evade the torpedoes and escape undamaged.She struck a mine in 1916 but was repaired; in 1917, she was withdrawn for secondary duties.6 Footnotes edit "SMS" stands for " Seiner Majestät Schiff " (German: His Majesty's Ship ).She was then relegated to service as a coastal defense vessel in the Baltic.Annapolis: Naval Institute Press.15 The Allies finally had success against the ship on, when a Russian mine damaged Lübeck ; she nevertheless returned to port and was repaired.Albatross was grounded off Gotland and Augsburg escaped, and the Russian squadron briefly engaged Roon before both sides broke contact.Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships.3 The ship was armed with ten.5 cm SK L/40 guns in single mounts.
43 Polmar Noot,.
A Naval History of World War.

8 The attack took place on 7 May.She saw extensive service in the first three years of the war, during which time she participated in the seizure.102 a b Gröner,.SMS, lübeck His Majesty's Ship, lübeck a was the fourth of seven, bremen -class cruisers of the.They were escorted by a number of destroyers, torpedo boats, and minesweepers.Polmar, Norman; Noot, Jurrien (1991).195 Polmar Noot,.
Contents, construction edit, main article: Bremen class cruiser, ace & tate rabatt code lübeck was ordered under the contract name.
Greenwich, UK: Conway Maritime Press.